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About us – Creativity is our life blood!

Digital Guerilla are a cutting edge Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency in Sydney Australia – creating inspiring, cutting edge and simple to manage Web Design alongside creative, simple and powerful Digital Marketing Solutions – bringing our clients closer to their market and connecting them with thousands of new customers!

Guerilla’s? Born of the old school Guerilla Marketers our aim is to develop and propogate innovative, powerful but extremely affordable marketing solutions – hence we are of course Digital Guerilla Marketers!

“As a product of our expertise and knowledge, gathered over 20 years of successful work with businesses large and small all over the world, we have developed powerful success strategies for true business development, enabling organisations and individuals to move forward with reinvigorated vision, motivation and determination. We make no secret that our successful habits and the successful habits we facilitate for others are based on some of the best known business and personal growth strategies. We take the ‘the habits of highly successful people’ and tailor them with proactive, sustainable and supported strategies.”

Graham Knowles – Small Business Coach and CEO Digital Guerilla

We in the Marketing industry and the savy business professional know that Social Media has become the most powerful application in our tool box. Just as websites and the internet entered our world so too Social Media has lept out and bitten us from behind – a few of us could have predicted it, but for most it came out of the blue.

Digital Guerilla is here to simplify, enhance and maximize our clients Social Media, Digital Marketing and Publishing requirements. There is no doubt the strongest and fastest growing form of marketing today is through the use of Social Media. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are extremely powerful tools for much more than just connecting with friends. They have the ability to work together with existing websites and traditional forms of marketing to provide any company large or small, an extremely affordable, powerful and cohesive customer-focused strategy.

We are headed up by our own big monkey Graham Knowles, Photographer, Writer and Marketing Consultant Graham has established a reputation as an inspirational and creative Marketing consultant, leader and coach. His entrepreneurial, consultancy and management successes can be seen within the Media, Oil & Gas, IT, Mobile, Music and Retail industries. His broad ‘out of the box’ perspective is invaluable and has been key in the turn around and success of numerous projects and businesses.

Over the last few years Graham has become saught after for his insights and expertise into Digital and Social Media. He writes a popular blog which you can visit here…

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  • Digital Guerillas! Great job on our website, but fantastic advice on Social Media and SEO! Our business is already generating and more importantly converting twice as many leads.  Thank you Guerillas!
    James Bedford, Interior Designer
  • I have worked with Graham on many occasions and have always found him to be full of integrity. He is someone I have been able to trust and rely on and I know he is utterly dedicated to assisting in others business and professional growth. Added to this he has a great sense of humour and so time spent with him is enjoyable as well as rewarding. Whatever he does he will give 100% and get results for his clients.
    Julia Chapman, Owner, BodyJoy
  • My personal experiences of contact with Graham have taught me to expect a powerful combination of wisdom, authenticity and a 'user-friendly interface'. I would trust Graham without a second thought to be as good as his word in all matters personal and professional.
    Mac Andrews, Owner, BWC Ltd QuantumSteps
  • Until I contacted Graham at Digital Guerilla I was paying $5K a year to Yellow Pages - I was unsure about a website, I'm a tennis coach not an IT person! The team at DG were great and took me slowly and carefully through the process. I now have a fantastic website, bringing me lots more business and costs me a fraction of what Yellow Pages wanted! So good bye Yellow Pages!  Thank you guys...
    Steve Ashcroft, Owner, The Moore Park Tennis Centre