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Cadbury UK ignore Facebook for launch of new product and go for Google+ instead!

Yep, even though they have 77,000 fans on FacebookCadbury UK decided to launch there new product, the ingeniously named ‘Bubbly’ (nothing like an Aero obviously!), on their Google+ page (2000 have them in their circles there) and then mentioned the launch on Twitter – ingenious, stupid or was there some hefty incentive?  We’ll probably never know!

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Mashable reports that Christian Oestlein, the group product manager at Google known as the “Google+ ad guy,” also relayed Cadbury’s message on his G+ profile on Wednesday.

It’s unclear whether anyone else has yet introduced a new product on Google+. Facebook became the go-to place for new product introductions after Ford launched its 2011 Explorer there in 2010.

Does this mean Google+ brand pages will become the new choice of Social Media Marketing launches and teh big brands will move away from facebook (ooh controversial!)? Only time will tell, but it’s certainly a positive step in that direction for the new kid on the block.

As we’ve said here before, ignore them at your peril!


Author: Graham Knowles Digital Guerilla Sydney


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