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Client:Andrez Harriott
Date:February 05, 2014


Andrez Harriott Damage

Andrez Harriott has had an illustrious music career spanning over 15 years, most notably in the UK RnB band Damage hitting the charts with hits such as; Love II Love , Forever and Ghetto Romance. The band are about to hit the TV screens in the UK once more appearing in the very popular show The Big Reunion on ITV2.  Andrez is also a well established and skilled DJ, playing to audiences all over the UK, Europe and beyond (coming to Australia soon!)

Outside of his music career Andrez has a first class honours degree in Criminology and works with young people as a mentor and outside and within the prison system to make a difference an to help them turn their lives around – a truely inspirational man!

DJ Andrez Damage

DJ Andrez

We are so proud that Andrez chose Digital Guerilla to work with him on his new websites (this is the first of 2) and we are over the moon that he is so pleased and excited by the results!  Here we have pushed the bounderies quite a bit with a new style of horizontal scroll page system, animated slide shows and linked image and video galleries!!!