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Simply the Best Safety Campaign Video…EVER!

Death by PowerPoint: 3D animation breaks the mold

When the Victorian rail animation ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ exploded onto the social media scene last November, the extent of its success was a surprise in the ad world.

Exasperated by the rail safety message not getting through, Melbourne’s Metro Trains commissioned the making of a 3D animated video to purvey its public safety announcement.

Now with more than 62 million views on YouTube, the success of the campaign by ad agency McCann Melbourne, speaks for itself – not to mention the raw statistical outcome. According to Metro Trains, the campaign contributed to a 30% reduction in so-called ‘near-miss’ accidents.

The video itself utilises black comedy, and features a variety of cute cartoon characters accidentally killing themselves through acts of stupidity. The video culminates in the final three characters being killed by trains due to their unsafe behaviour.

The success of the campaign illustrates that communicating a serious message effectively needn’t be boring.

A company capitalising on the trend away from the dreaded ‘death by PowerPoint’, is Brisbane’s elearning development company digibox.

The company was recently the recipient of the Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Use of Video for Learning after they produced videos that helped Xstrata Coal Australia reduce injuries by 50%. …Read Full Article on Dynamic Business


Source: Dynamic Business