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“Social Media Exhaustion” Among 2012’s Tech Trends to watch out for!?!?!….what codswallop!

Some writers would have you believe that Social Media is already dying, we’re all sooo tired of it and that external forces are making it all so difficult and oh of course Google+ has no chance because no one even knows about it….what a load of rubbish! Below is an extract of a recent article on, (a usually enlightening read) it came under the headline Social Media Exhaustion – seems the writers are a bit exhausted themselves and stuck for anything interesting to say over the Christmas period!

Facebook will break the 1 billion user mark in 2012, but its numbers have flattened out in the U.S. Twitter is growing; it may have as many 450 million users, but no one knows how many people are really active users. Google+ is growing steadily, but is still well behind the two most established networks and much of the public is unaware of its existence. There is the now persistent, with good reason, backlash against mobile phone usage in cars and on streets.”

“In general, more and more people seem to be re evaluating their social and digital existence.”

“That said, no one who creates content can deny that the digital revolution hasn’t forced them to rethink how they create, sell and distribute content. There are no easy answers here and 2012 will be a year of introspection; one where we possibly rewrite the rules of content, copyrights and social interactions.”

Facebook numbers are flattening in the US!?!? Oh yes hitting 1 billion is a definite sign that we are getting exhausted with it all (remind me how many people there are in the US??  Has this author ever heard of market saturation….) and no one knows how many active users Twitter has?! Come on! The same could be said for any SM service.  Then this article is critical of Google+ for being “still well behind the two most established networks and much of the public is unaware of its existence” – well this really does take the biscuit!  Google plus only launched in June and already has an independently estimated 62 million users, adding 625,000 users daily!…I could go on, but see our previous article about Google+ it’s way to important to one of the most powerful companies on the planet not to succeed…  And of course we’re re evaluating our social and digital existence, that’s the nature of the beast – it’s a new thing (relatively) obviously we need to adapt!

Now if this article had said that many of us need to manage our use of social media better because of the rise in SM obsession / addiction and that we need to be aware of personal Social Media exhaustion then I would have been a supporter, perhaps mashable/ the author could offer some useful strategies…

Speaking of which here’s a good related article from The Telegraph – Why I’m taking a break from Twitter

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The truth is – Social Media will continue to grow and evolve in 2012, there may be some unexpected happenings (very likely, judging from recent history) and there will be some less surprising things, such as the inevitable growth and success of services such as Google+ . Thank you that’s my ranting over for today!

Peace be with you all and go the Robin Hood Hacktivists!

Author: Digital Guerilla – Sydney

  1. d2james Reply

    Great piece! The social networking of facebook may flatten out but There will be something else to come along and start the frenzy all over again. It may very well be Google+, but I really don’t see twitter slowing down any time soon. There is a product out there that will allow you to automatically tweet and follow and RSS feed all your tweets for you. A marketers dream really. Thanks, Enjoyed the post.

    • RAW Social Media Reply

      Thank you, a positive response is always the motivation to keep going!

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