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Social Media is not the only Media Revolution!

A Revolution? I hear you ask…

Indeed, a quiet yet most powerful revolution is going on all around you.  You hear the voices crying out whenever a book store closes down and others who despair at the cost of books in these very stores.  Meanwhile the Goliath publishing houses sit and fiddle as proverbial Rome burns around them, no one willing to admit what is happening, everyone believing that the internet will save them!

What IS happening? Well, quite simply we are in transition from the old publishing days to the new digital publishing world.  Not simply an internet world of electronic media, ebooks, blogs, and data streams (micro blogs). No. The new digital publishing world is the space where old and new evolve into one.  The new world is simpler, more creative and fairer to those whose blood, sweat and tears go into the works that we love to pour over.  The new publishing world is a Print on Demand world.  One where you and I and Jo Blogs around the corner can write and print our own books for art or commerce, for vanity or education, or simply just for fun.

The written word is not dying, the printed publication is not disappearing to be replaced by electronic media – it is evolving that’s all.

This transition will be painful for many and many traditional retail, publishing and printing businesses will not survive.  However the opportunities for the creative, the courageous and the innovative are phenomenal.  Change is afoot and so it should be.  The days of publishing houses exploiting the artist, creator and author must end.  These creators must be given back the power, they must be paid fairly for their work and they must be given the freedom to express whatever they desire.  This is the revolution we speak of. A fair trade, digital, publishing revolution.  Not STOP PRESS! But PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED!

Join our revolution! Express yourself in words and images! Let the world hear what YOU have to say! 

Author: Graham Knowles 


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