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H&M are making Coca Cola, Disney and Starbucks look like small fry on Google+!

Coke, Disney and Starbucks have been the clear winners in the Facebook popularity contest, however when it comes to Google’s Social Media platform these guys have taken their eyes off the ball!  The Swedish clothing chain H&M have hit the ground running on Google+ and seem to have grasped exactly what is required to create a stir and grab
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“Best use of Facebook” winner at the Social Buzz Awards: Heineken Music Matcher

Heineken wanted to create extra value from its sponsorship of the Open’er Festival in Poland, one of the world’s best music festivals. The aim of this campaign was to increase its number of fans while promoting the Heineken brand and its patronage of the Open’er event on Facebook in a unique and engaging way. Graham Knowles –
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11 Inspiring “Not for Profit” new Facebook brand pages you should “Like”

Ok so I have to admit I was (still am slightly) miffed about the whole change to Facebook Brand/Business Pages, introducing Timeline Brand pages without any (well very little) warning.  For those of us who have spent time and money developing our custom landing pages it was quite a shock… However that’s life on Facebook and you either a
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