If you do not possess graphic design skills, you’ll need to hire a graphic designer. Undoubtedly, that process can be intimidating, especially if you understand very little about the industry. For some people, finding the right graphic designers can be as easy as spotting talent.

That may not give you the best results

It’s good to leave graphic designing to professionals. That increases the chances of getting successful results representative of your brand. Most applicants with design skills talk of how they can deliver jaw-dropping results., which is admirable. But don’t fall into the trap of sweet words.

Always focus on finding creative solutions to your design issues. Remember, creating a design you can work efficiently with that is flexible enough to grow with your company is the goal.

Essential things to consider

1. Put your goals and expectations in black and white. The success of your entire project depends on the amount of information you offer. So, provide enough information about the type of graphic designer you want. While writing the creative brief, stipulate in detail your company’s objectives and any other relevant details. Besides, state the objectives of the project as well as the qualification you need.

Additionally, in the job description, state the potential obstacles and deadlines for the entire project. Such information makes it clear to potential applicants about the kind of graphic designers you want to hire. Therefore, they can determine whether they fit the skills and experience you need before applying for the job.

2. Evaluating the portfolio of potential graphic designers. Checking the portfolios is one of the hardest parts. Adhere to the guidelines you stipulated in your job description. However, consider that both relative and absolute elements can give you a better picture of the applicants. So, make note of their professionalism, experience and skills.

To check the relative elements, consider if the applicant’s style captures your imagination or aligns with your brand. Each portfolio has visual work and an inspiring story for each. Both factors are vital.

While checking the portfolio, look at visuals, i.e., the overall look. The outstanding portfolio should strike a balance between its feel and cohesive theme. But there should be some distinction across the entire portfolio because the jobs were for different clients, hence the difference.

3.      How well do the candidates think on their feet? Throwing an unexpected question at the potential graphic designers can help you determine how they think. As a question that requires a practical answer – for instance, you can ask them their opinion of another applicant’s design or ask them to critique a design piece.

The answer you’ll get tells a lot about the ability of the applicant. It will point out the candidate’s creative process. This way, you get to know applicants can handle unknown situations on the go.

4.      Start with a trial project.  After deciding on your best candidates, you can opt to start with a trial project before proceeding to the full-scale thing. So, offer a quick sample project – ideally, it should take hours to complete. Simple tasks like designing a logo will do the job, just make sure it will not take hours to complete.

You can assess the work and gauge whether you made the right choice. ALWAYS pay the candidate when they do trial projects.

Above all, relevant industry experience is golden. So, look for a graphic designer who has experience in your specific industry as it eliminates much of the learning curve. Contact Blizzard Graphics for graphic artists who are easy to work with and who are experts in their field.