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Content is an important part of our daily life, from getting up in the morning and reading the newspaper to sleeping at night while watching a movie.

Today we are going to tell you about the best examples of content marketing in the education system because the most important content in the world is what we study or what is available in education systems.

If you are interested in content management and marketing, this is the best essay you will find on the web.

prime example in our essay today is from the famous University of Chicago

According to Chicago News, the university is doing a good job in content marketing.

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The university has its own blog where it discusses topics of general interest to the public and also brings a very attractive editorial flair.
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Now, with the help of this blog, the university is not just marketing content, it is also building a positive reputation in the eyes of the publisher, which is very appreciable. If you want to blog and publish it, be sure to check for plagiarism before posting.

How To Balance Your Own Books Without The Hussle


When you have a business running around, you are burdened with many responsibilities and small tasks that keep you busy and working day and night. In such times, it can become quite impossible to manage the forecasting of your financial books and maintain a steady accounting book for the business. It often gets pushed to the side for this very reason as people think it is a tedious task to manage.However, there is one thing you didn’t quite know, you can manage your own books without having to hire a tax consultants adelaide for the job. Here is how,

Manage receivables there and then 

The most important tip for the people wanting to handle their own books is to observe the receivables with close attention. When there are a large amount of customers coming to you, it may be hard to track all the receivables. You might not be able to mark the paid ones apart from the unpaid ones. But this small feat of struggles saves you a trouble lot when it comes to accounting.

Keep a receipt for expenses 

When it comes to your expenses, it is important that you keep track of all the receipts in one place. This could come in handy when you receive a tax statement and there is no tax consultant to guide you about how the expenses built up from your business into increased amounts of taxes. To avoid that surprise, either pay your expenses through a card or keep a picture of all the receipts of the expenses from your business.

Difference between invoice and receipts 

A common mistake that can cause a lot of trouble for people managing their finances without a tax consultant is that they mix up the receipt and invoices. This is a nightmare as it could cause days of anxiety accompanied with the stress from managing the finances. What you need to learn is that the invoice means the bill that the customer owes you. And the receipts are the completed transactions that complete the service.

Keeping personal account apart from the business account 

Another important thing that people often forget but is a silly common mistake is that they keep one account for their personal and business finances. This may appear as quite a neat trick in the books but is not at all handy when you are handling the taxes at the end of the day. What you must do is open different accounts for both purposes so you do not lose sight of either of the finances and they do not jumble up to ruin a perfectly good day in your business. This will help you keep track of where the business payments are transferred without messing them up with the personal finances. 

Tips on how to choose a web hosting for a better ranking on search engines

Choosing a performing web hosting is essential for every site. After all, this is the basic structure on which the site is built and plays a fundamental role in several crucial aspects such as loading speed, security and search engine ranking.

Efficient web hosting can make the difference between appearing on the first pages of a search engine or staying in oblivion, hidden from potential customers. However, choosing a web host is currently a complicated operation. Through a quick search we realize that there are dozens of different companies with as many different characteristics and functions that could be confusing.

Furthermore, a wrong choice is not so easy to solve. Migrating from one host to another after developing the site could be extremely complicated, or in some cases impossible, throwing months and months of work away.

You should therefore carefully evaluate which service to rely on to ensure that your site can be indexed and can position itself correctly among the search engines. Here is a list of five tips on how to choose a web hosting for a better ranking on search engines.

Why is local search increasingly important to your business?

Today, one out of three searches on the search engine has local intentions , that is, it is done to obtain information relating to streets, buildings, places, shops, restaurants, hotels that are located in a specific place (for example “vegan pizzeria South Rome”) or in the vicinity of the user if the latter has geolocation active on their smartphone.

It is estimated that 28% of people search for local information at least once a day, increasingly from smartphones. It is also interesting to note that those who do a local search intend to conclude a purchase action in the short term . That is why, if you have a business, it is important to consider local search marketing as a tool to intercept new customers.

The first step is to create the Google My Business listing. Google, in fact, allows companies to create free cards of their business , visible on the first page of the search engine and on Google Maps. The Google My Business tab allows the user to find useful information such as phone number and address, view company photos and read reviews from other customers.

The list of benefits for your business is really long:

Display accurate information about your business on the web
You can highlight all the details you consider useful to be contacted and to be reached physically (address, opening hours) and digitally (Website address).

Interact with customers
You can post photos of your business and the products and services offered, collect and respond to reviews from your customers. They too will be able to upload photos taken inside your venue and therefore contribute to increasing visibility. Furthermore, within the form, your potential customers can communicate with each other (or directly with you) thanks to a section dedicated to questions and answers.

Attracting new customers
In addition to intercepting local searches to acquire new customers in an organic way (not for a fee), you can activate targeted local search advertising campaigns, amplifying the visibility of your company both in the SERP (search engine results page) of Google and on Google Maps.