Choosing a performing web hosting is essential for every site. After all, this is the basic structure on which the site is built and plays a fundamental role in several crucial aspects such as loading speed, security and search engine ranking.

Efficient web hosting can make the difference between appearing on the first pages of a search engine or staying in oblivion, hidden from potential customers. However, choosing a web host is currently a complicated operation. Through a quick search we realize that there are dozens of different companies with as many different characteristics and functions that could be confusing.

Furthermore, a wrong choice is not so easy to solve. Migrating from one host to another after developing the site could be extremely complicated, or in some cases impossible, throwing months and months of work away.

You should therefore carefully evaluate which service to rely on to ensure that your site can be indexed and can position itself correctly among the search engines. Here is a list of five tips on how to choose a web hosting for a better ranking on search engines.